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Welcome to the website of Basketballscool Amsterdam. On this page, we will give you some basic information of what we do and how it works. If you need more explanations, please write an e-mail through the contact page.

Basketballscool has 7 locations in Amsterdam for kids from 6 to 12 years old, boys and girls, to get better acquainted and have fun with the game of basketball. Our goal is to reach as many kids in Amsterdam as possible and teach them the basics of basketball and have lots of fun doing the practices: Shooting, dribbling, defence, playing together and lots of creative exercises. We have professional trainers who have the knowhow to do sports with children at a young age.

On 4 occasions in a season we organize a tournament so the kids can actually play short basketball games against teams of other locations. And then hopefully at the end of a season or two at Basketball’scool Amsterdam, the boy or girl will like basketball so much that he or she will join an actual basketball club in Amsterdam.

Most of the costs of Basketball’scool Amsterdam are subsidized by the city council, the gemeente Amsterdam. The own contribution is: the first 2 practices are for free, after that the registration costst € 7,5 and a ‘strippenkaart’ € 15 (€ 20 as of January 1st, 2017). The ‘strippenkaart’ is for 10 practices.

The season is from September until May and all of the practices are on Saturday mornings, except for the Van Hogendorphal which are on Wednesday afternoons. Usually, there is no practice on the 2nd Wednesday and Saturday of a school holiday (see the roster on the location page). Bring a comfortable sports dress and sports shoes which can only be used inside. You can buy a Basketball’scool Amsterdam uniform for € 25 by sending an e-mail on the contact page.

What will you find on our website:
⦁ Locations (locaties) where you can find the location near you, the practice times, the roster and the trainer(s) for that location.
⦁ Registration (inschrijving) where you can register for Basketball’scool Amsterdam after the first two free practices. € 7,50 is due for registration and €15 (€ 20 as of January 1st, 2017) for the 1st ‘strippenkaart’.
⦁ Stamping card (strippenkaart) where you can order your 2nd and 3rd ‘strippenkaart’ in the season.
⦁ Tournaments (toernooien) is where you register for an upcoming tournament. You will get more information from the trainer of your location, a couple of weeks before the tournament. The cost of a tournament is € 5.
⦁ Contact is how you can contact us.
⦁ Facebook is where you will find up to date news on Basketball’scool Amsterdam and basketball (in Amsterdam) in general.
⦁ Login for your personal page.

Toernooi Zaterdag 22 juni 2019

Aanmelden tot en met 15 juni!

Locatie : Museumplein Amsterdam

Wanneer : Zaterdag 22 juni 2019

Start : 10:00 (aanmelden vanaf 09:30)

Einde : 13:00

Kosten : 5€ (gratis met stadspas)

Basketballscool Amsterdam organiseert in samenwerking met de lokale basketbalvereniging vier toernooien voor alle deelnemers (en die van Basketball’scool in Amstelveen). De toernooien zijn verdeeld in drie verschillende leeftijdsgebonden poules zodat iedereen een leuke wedstrijd kan spelen. Fun & Fair Play staan voorop bij de toernooien.

De kinderen krijgen op de training van de trainer de nodige informatie over een toernooi. Inschrijving en betaling (€ 5) voor het toernooi gaat met het formulier via onderstaande knop.

toernooien seizoen 18/19

selecteer hieronder de Basketball’scool waar je traint

“De inschrijving voor het toernooi via dit formulier is alleen voor deelnemers van Basketball’scool Amsterdam deelnemers die een account hebben van deze website. Inschrijving voor basketballers van MBCA (Amstelveen) gaat centraal via MBCA.”